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b. 1986, HK.



Gage Road Brewing Co.
Yellow Bird Cafe, Windsor
Deathproof PR
Pyren Vineyard
Ambience Lighting
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Andy Murphy is an illustrative artist who works from his studio in Northcote, Melbourne, Australia. He is also pretending that some one else is writing this by typing in the third person.

Andy mainly works in pen and ink but often delves into hand painted signs, murals, sculpture and occasionally costume making and cake decorating. He is heavily influenced by the world of skateboarding and its associated humour and imagery, especially skateboard graphics. Although he participates in the occasional art exhibition, the majority of his work is commissioned for commercial purposes such as T-shirt and skateboard graphics, product labels, posters, signs and editorial illustrations for magazines. You can find more of his artwork on Instagram @salvadorgnarly

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